We sell and deliver the best seasoned firewood in the tri-state area . We sell only cut, split, seasoned and clean firewood.Firewood NYC is a full service company and have a 100% customer satisfaction policy that guarantees you have no problems. We deliver and stack your firewood wherever you need it to go.  Founded in 1981, Firewood NYC by Denny Wiggers takes great pride in providing you the very best firewood sales & delivery in the tri-state area. We pride ourselves in helping you build the best fire for every occasion. Brick ovens, fire pits, your indoor fireplace, or on your deck on a nice cool night, you pick the location, Firewood NYC delivers and stacks.  Our firewood is composed of all hardwoods (primarily oak) but can also contain Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Yellow Birch, or Beech. Our wood comes in various sizes, never bigger than 16" standard size so that it's manageable and burns for the optimum amount of time. We store our firewood protected from rain and snow, so that when it arrives to you it's dry and ready to burn.
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 Summer is fast approaching and we are already thinking of hot sultry nights and lounging out on the patio with friends and family. But did you know that this is the best time to get your firewood? The reasoning is that it takes anywhere from 6 monthes to a year for wood that has been cut to be "seasoned".
 New York City, the following New York counties Westchester County | Rockland County | Staten Island | Orange County NY | Putnum County NY | Nassau County |New Jersey | Union County |Hudson County |Passaic County | Morris County | Sussex County | Essex County | Bergen County | Warren County | Hunterdon County | Somerset County | Middlesex County |
1 Full Cord Dumped $294.25
1 Full Cord Stacked $337.05
1 Half Cord Dumped $176.55
1 Half Cord Stacked $208.65
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restaurant? Call and find out about our special deals on kiln dried wood for your business.
 We have firewood available in smaller quantities that are ready to be loaded into your car, SUV, or pickup truck. We will be glad to assist you in loading your vehicle. Starting as low as $25.00  With more and more families searching for wood pellets in NJ and NY, Firewood NYC & is pleased to announce that we will be delivering wood pellets to an expanded area that includes New Jersey , New York (NY) and Connecticut
 580 Route 17 North, Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Phone: (201) 444-0155
Email: info@dwgemail.com
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